Life is Crazy and Guest Blogging

I totally meant to blog before now, but as the title says, life is crazy. Since my last post, I’ve moved from a house with no heat to an apartment with central heat and air (yay!) and my grandfather had to have emergency surgery to remove a blood clot in his arm. He’s still in a physical rehabilitation center, and is doing better, but it’s very stressful to not have him home.

Perhaps because of the stress, but I’ve had the most successful writing month so far with my middle grade fantasy. It’s been going so well, I haven’t spared much thoughts to blogging here.

I did have an opportunity to quest blog at Bookish Comforts as part of the Sunnydale Project. The Sunnydale Project is co-hosted with Teen Librarian Toolbox as a fan appreciation of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Plus, Teen Librarian Toolbox is a fantastic resource for librarians working with teens. Bookish Comforts is a brilliant book review website also and you should check both out. The event will be going on through Halloween with new posts each day at each website.

My blog post is about my mixed feelings on Spike. Feel free to join the conversation over at Bookish comforts, or here, or on Twitter using #SunnydaleProject. In the mean time, I’m going to get back to writing Wonderland, reading the last Percy Jackson (*sob*), and figuring out what to blog about next. Enjoy your week!


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